fishing requires an investment of time and money.  Maybe you are just intrigued by the idea of ice fishing, eager to learn but yet to have set foot on ice.  Perhaps you are tired of tagging along and borrowing gear from friends and want to buy your own ice fishing gear.  And you may already be an ice fishing junkie like me and ready to make some upgrades – no matter where you are on the spectrum, it is important to minimize your time spent researching what to buy and maximize your time and results on the ice.

Having the right ice fishing rod, the best ice auger, the warmest ice fishing boots, etc. can make all the difference and truly affect your experience and motivation to catch fish.

Here you will find lists of not only the best gear available, but also the best options for enthusiasts that fit different budgets and levels of commitment.

I am a visual person and like to be able to compare things side by side.  As nice as it is to have all the different options and brands available that we have these days, I found that there really wasn’t a great place online to compare most ice fishing products head-to-head.  It is important to know not only how quality, for example, an ice fishing fish finder is, but how it compares to the competition.

We are happy to share our passion for ice fishing with you and hope that this site will help you feel confident in the gear you choose to spend your hard earned money on. All of the gear recommended has been chosen independently by us.

Tight lines.