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What’s the best ice auger for you?  Ready to pull the trigger?

…or start hand turning?  Like any gear, any auger is the best ice auger when the alternative is being empty handed.  It can be a big purchase, though, no doubt about that.  That’s why we put in the leg-work to help you compare some ice augers side-by-side.  If you’re a casual ice fisherman (or fisherwoman) and happy cutting a hole or two, then a power auger may be overkill.  On the other hand, if you’re going to be covering ground and using your ice fishing flasher to hone in on that big school of perch, you’re going to be punching a lot of holes.  Just remember to be safe and wear some ice cleats for stability…don’t be like these guys.

Best Ice Auger Side-By-Side Comparison

Best Ice Auger Money Can Buy


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The StrikeMaster Lithium Lazer auger is our Premium Pick because of it gets the job done with ease in a lightweight, gas-free fashion.  If you’re a serious ice angler and you punch hundreds, if not thousands of holes throughout the course of a season then you will appreciate this ice auger in the long run.  Weighing in at 24 pounds, it undercuts the propane options by over 10 pounds.  This auger has a nice feel to it and is balanced well – not too top-heavy, not awkward or cumbersome.  If you’re accustomed to reaching for a pull cord to get your auger started, you’ll have an even greater appreciation for how easy it is to start this auger – just hit the power button and thumb the “throttle” switch and get to punching holes.  We found these buttons easy to access and use, even with winter gloves on. The 50-volt lithium battery is easy to install and remove when needed for charging and storage.  And speaking of the battery, we were pretty impressed with the number and depth of holes it was able to handle.  Almost 60 holes at an ice depth of two feet…we’re talking about cutting through over 100 feet of ice on a single charge.  Tests with this ice auger support StrikeMaster’s claims.

Whether you prefer a nomadic, constant movement style of ice fishing (looking for something lightweight and effective) or would rather hunker down in a permanent shelter (looking to avoid a heavy, fume-producing auger), we think pretty much anyone would be happy with this auger.

Best Ice Auger For The Money


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The K-drill ice auger is truly a special product. And depending on your style of ice fishing, some may argue that it should be in contention for best ice auger on the market. This auger seems to provide the best of both worlds, especially if you already own a power drill to use.  Even lighter than our hand auger pick, we love the build of this ice auger.  Bonus that it floats and includes a blade cover.  The lifetime offer of free blade sharpening awesome as well.  While it can only punch about half as many holes as the StrikeMaster Lazer on a single charge, if you carry a spare battery for your drill then you essentially get the same mileage out of this ice auger in a lighter package and at about half the cost.  The recommended drill for this auger is the M18 Fuel by Milwaukee, which is a phenomenal product in its own right.  When you consider the functionality and uses for the drill alone in the off-season, whether you are working on projects around the house or building your dream ice house, it makes this purchase well worth it. Is it the best ice auger around? Only time will tell.

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We chose the Nils 6″ Convertible ice auger as our Value Pick.  While it may not be the best ice auger compared to powered options, this is a fine auger in its own right.  Also, you have the option of using a power drill if you so choose.  If you’ve been around the ice fishing community for any period of time, you’ve probably heard people talk about the reputability and quality of Nils products.  This company just flat out makes solid, well-made augers.  If you are on a budget or are just starting to get into ice fishing, a hand auger can be the way to go.  With the razor-sharp blade on this auger, you’ll definitely turn some heads when people see how quickly and easily you punch through the ice with this auger.  While other ice fishermen are futzing around with trying to get their augers going, you’ll already have a line in the water.

How Many Holes Can the StrikeMaster Lazer Punch?

Check Out the K-Drill In Action

Watch the Nils Cut Through Ice Like Butter

If you have another auger that you think should be considered the best ice auger or you would like us to review a different auger, leave a comment below!


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