Best Ice Cleats For Boots

The best ice cleats

What are the best ice cleats for boots to use while ice fishing?

When I first started ice fishing, I thought that getting the best stompers possible was enough.  Well, I was wrong.  It’s kind of tough to beat your buddies to the flag when they’re all wearing ice cleats.  Meanwhile, you’re shuffling along at a snail’s pace concentrating on not falling again…getting there just in time to take a picture of them holding up that trophy pike.  With that being said, any ice cleats are the best ice cleats when compared to nothing at all.

Taking a closer look at the best ice cleats.

Most of the products we reviewed are ideally used as ice cleats for boots.  You need to consider whether you’re more of a “buy it for life” kind of person – you want the best ice cleats made.  Period.  On the other hand, if you only see yourself getting out on the ice once or two a year at most, then you may not need to make such a big investment.   The best ice cleats for you may be our Value Pick or Top Choice.  No matter which are the best ice cleats for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Ice Cleats Money Can Buy


katoolah microspikes




Premium Pick Logo





The Katoolah Microspikes were our Premium Pick because of their durable stainless steel construction, long spike length, and snug fit.  No need to worry about these rusting out if they get wet.  Although the overall number of spikes is less than other options, the rugged spike design and even distribution throughout the foot ensures that they bite into the ice better than any other set on the list.

Best Ice Cleats For The Money


stabilicers maxx




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We chose the STABILicers Maxx ice cleats as our Top Choice because they provide some premium features and effective results at a middle-of-the-road price.  The full sole design helps to provide stability and the adjustable straps let you dial in the fit.  We also liked that the cleats are replaceable and spread around the entire perimeter of the foot.  They are a bit heavier than some of the other options, but this shouldn’t be an issue for the purposes of ice fishing.

Best Ice Cleats On A Budget





Value Pick Logo







The STABILicers Walk ice cleats were our Value Pick because they offer an effective, convenient option at an affordable price.  We liked that they slip on fairly easily, and with an impressive 24 cleats per foot, they definitely get a grip on the ice.  They may not be the best ice cleats out there, given their construction and the fact that the cleats will eventually wear down, but that’s OK at this price point.  These would even be a great set to keep on hand as a backup in your car, or to be able to let a friend borrow.

Which are the best ice cleats for you?  If you have a different set of ice cleats for boots to recommend or would like us to consider another set of ice cleats to review, comment below!


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