Best Ice Fishing Gloves – Protect Your Hands From Cold!

Best Ice Fishing Gloves

What are the best ice fishing gloves for you?

Honestly, the answer to that question really depends on what kind of conditions you’re fishing in.  In addition, it depends on what kind of fishing you are doing.  Ice fishing gloves that may be fine on a mild day may not cut it in single digit weather.  If you’re hopping from hole to hole without an ice fishing shanty, tending to your tip-ups and chasing flags, then you are going to need a pair of ice fishing gloves that are going to be able to really keep you warm.  On the other hand, if you like to hunker down once you find your spot and slay some panfish jigging, then dexterity is more of a priority.  We present you with a side-by-side comparison of what we consider to be the best ice fishing gloves out there.  Do you need the best of the best ice fishing gloves that money can buy or would you rather invest in top notch boots?  Only you can decide.

Best Ice Fishing Gloves Money Can Buy


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The Arcteryx Lithic gloves were our Premium Pick because of their top of the line materials truly offer an unbelievable combination of warmth, water resistance, and dexterity.  They have a unique construction which gives you a degree of dexterity that just makes other gloves of similar warmth/waterproofing feel boxy and clumsy.   To be aware, they run a bit on the small side so consider this when ordering.  You can be confident that your hands will be protected and comfortable in single digit weather or worse with these gloves.

Best Ice Fishing Mitts


black diamond mercury mitts




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We chose the Black Diamond Mercury Mitts as our Top Choice because they were the warmest option of those we considered, and the best for the type of ice fishing we do most often – tip up fishing.  They easily slide off when you need to bait a hook or pull a trap.  It is  possible to wear these while jigging and even reeling, but you won’t have the dexterity that you would with other gloves.  Of note, on the inner lining, there is an optional individual index finger hole which separates your first finger from the last three fingers, giving you a bit more dexterity than a standard mitt.  The goatskin leather palm construction is an excellent feature and, although these are already decently waterproof, we recommend treatment with a good leather care product to make them even more water tight and also to protect your investment.  I’m not kidding when I say how warm these mitts are.  If you are fishing in 30-40 degree weather, your hands will honestly probably be sweating when you’re active.  They are a bit heavier than some of the other options, but this shouldn’t be an issue for the purposes of ice fishing.  If you also do any snow skiing or other outdoor winter activities, these mitts are great for multiple applications, which helps to justify the purchase price.

Best Ice Fishing Gloves On A Budget


ice armor gloves



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The Ice Armor Edge gloves were our Value Pick because they are a classic ice fishing glove offered by a reputable and quality brand.  If you’re repping some Ice Armor gear, you’ll certainly at least be able to “talk the talk,” but we’d be lying if we told you that these gloves are going to help you catch more fish.  They are quite flexible and appropriate for any ice fishing application.  Constructed with the touted Dintex membrane, these gloves provide a nice level of warmth and windproofing.  They hold their own in waterproofing department, and although not quite as waterproof as some other options, you gain some breathability which is definitely nice.  We love that Ice Armor offers a 5-year warranty with these gloves!  Overall, a great durable pair of gloves at a great price.

Leave a reply if you think there is another contender for best ice fishing gloves or if there is a pair of ice fishing gloves you would like us to review!


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