Best Tent Heater


This little guy packs a punch.  It’s compact, well designed, and safe for indoor use to deliver warmth effectively to almost 100 square feet.  We love that it just attaches to a 1-pound propane cylinder and is odor free.  The Little Buddy will give you almost 6 hours of heating action per cylinder so it should keep you warm for your whole ice fishing trip as long as you bring along enough tanks.  Of note, this tent heater has a low-oxygen sensor and safety feature to shut off if tipped over as well.  This is a classic heater with a great reputation within the ice fishing community.

The Dyna-Glow propane tent heater is a high-efficiency model which uses a steel heat reflector, coupled with a rust proof chrome emitter guard.  The back is porcelain coated and also includes a safety grill.  It lights easily with a match or lighter and is equipped with a safety shut-off valve in case the flame is extinguished.  This tent heater comes in 15,000, 30,000, and 40,000 BTU models.  Each model has three different heat settings and, for reference, the 15,000 BTU model can heat a 15 ft radius.  Very easy to set up and no additional assembly required.  Just connect it to the tank.  This is a dependable, solid unit that operates well in the wind thanks to the double mesh burner.

You’ll get about 50 hours of run time out of this unit on the lowest setting, and still almost 30 hours on high.  Importantly, it is CSA certified for safety.  This is a great lightweight, portable tent heater to bring along for your shelter or tent, especially if you are already bringing along a propane tank for a grill or other uses.

If you are looking for a tent heater that doesn’t rely on a full-size propane tank, the Texsport propane tent heater is another great small option that uses 1-liter propane cylinders.  Again, a well-constructed model which has a stainless steel burner.  It also comes with a nice wide base for stability and to keep the heater upright.  Also, we love the auto shut-off feature for the valve in case the flame goes out.  It does have a regulator knob to dial in the temperature you want and can deliver up to almost 3,000 BTUs.  Another feature is the safety grid with aluminum reflector.  One tank can last you a full fishing session depending on how long you’re planning on being out.  For the price, you can’t beat this little tent heater.

This is a classic tent heater that has kept many a person warm during ice fishing and countless other applications.  Perfect for heating ice fishing shelters.  It’s easy to use, transport, and store in the off-season.  For transport, there is a sturdy handle which folds down when not needed.  There is a control knob with 4 settings and a wire guard for heat protection.  Simply attach a 1lb propane tank, or even large propane tanks with the addition of a hose attachment.  As with other units, it has an auto shut-off feature which will turn off the propane if knocked over, if the pilot light is extinguished, or if low-oxygen levels are detected.  We love this low-oxygen detection safety feature. With to potential to deliver up to 9,000 BTUs, this tent heater is sure to keep you warm.

The Zodi Tent Heater delivers an impressive 40,000 BTUs of heat, perfect for larger tents and enclosures.  If you’re looking for the best tent heater around, this may be it.  This is a safe tent heater, keeping carbon monoxide outside and using flexible air hoses to deliver clean dry heat to your tent.  It comes with a quality stainless steel heat exchanger and the air is delivered through the 4-foot hoses by a 12-volt inline fan.  This tent heater is actually very easy to set up and uses a standard propane tank and regulator as the fuel source.  There is a temperature control knob as well.  Easy to pack up and transport with the included storage bag.  Made In America as well.

Another popular tent heater, the Mr. Buddy Hunting Buddy Portable Heater packs a punch with up to 12,000 BTUs of heating power.  Another tent heater which runs on 1-pound cylinders, you get all the features already described by the other Mr. Buddy heaters.  Size-wise, this is enough heat to take care of up to 300 square feet!  Lighting it is as easy as pushing and rotating the knob – love the electric ignition.  It does have an adjustable heat setting if you’re getting too toasty and need to turn it down.  It weighs about 16 pounds and is safe to use indoors.  The nice thing about this unit though is that it is powerful enough to keep by your while sitting outside and still get some noticeable warmth.

This catalytic safety heater is a nice alternative to the buddy heater styles we’ve talked about.  Still portable and utilizes propane gas cylinders, this model can easily heat 130 square feet with up to 3000 BTUs.  The nice thing about catalytic heating is that it is nearly 100% efficient, meaning your fuel will last you far longer which can help to justify the price over time.  It is quiet, it delivers steady constant heat, and it is easy to use.  People who have these swear by them, and once you see one for yourself you’ll understand why.

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